Personalised support and guidance on nutrition and lifestyle

Personalised support and guidance on nutrition and lifestyle

Personalised support and guidance on nutrition and lifestyle

"Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live - Jim Rohn"

What do YOU need to optimise your health and well-being?


Would you like to increase your energy levels? Or loose weight? Or simply experience the healing power of food?

We’re all unique and have different needs, especially when it comes to nutrition and lifestyle.

That’s why it is so important to find out what foods are right for your body and mind, and assess your lifestyle.
Nutritional Therapy looks at potential nutritional imbalances and how these may contribute to symptoms and health concerns.

Together we can identify the areas where you most need to make healthy diet and lifestyle changes.
I’m here to help you on your way to improve your health and well-being.

I have a holistic approach of looking at body, mind, spirit and emotions, but I also work according to the Functional Medicine model which looks at underlying causes of presented symptoms.

Apart from nutrition, other important factors I look at, are sleep, exercise, stress levels, dental health and genetics. These factors are influenced by specific predisposing factors such as gender or age, events such as grief, trauma or environmental

toxins, and ongoing physiological processes such as hormones.

To support my work, I use evidence based scientific research and I regularly attend Continual Professional Development courses to keep up to date with developments in nutrition.

I offer tailor-made support and guidance (Skype offered too) to meet your personal situation and requirements. 


Interested? I offer a FREE 15 minutes telephone consultation (07974 429043).
This way we can discuss what you would like to achieve and ensure that you will get out of a consultation what you need.


Get to know your gut - 10 interesting facts

The gut and its inhabitants, the gut flora or also called the gut microbiome, are a fascinating part of our bodies. We are learning more and more every day about the influence of the gut on how our body functions, and how a healthy gut can improve our physical and mental health and well-being.

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TEENAGE NUTRITION - Why is it so important?

As the mother of a teenager, and having been one myself many moons ago, I know their eating behaviour well, but how important is good nutrition for a teenagers? Being a teenager is quite something. The body is changing and growing, but it is not just about hormones or getting taller. The brain is developing in a dramatic way. This big rollercoaster transition from child to adult needs optimal energy and nutrition.

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Holistic Support for Endometriosis

According to Endometriosis UK 10% of the women of reproductive age in the UK suffer from endometriosis, one of the most common gynaecological conditions. Nutritional therapy is one of the complementary therapies that can support this condition.

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SEAWEED - a necessary addition to your diet?

I recently had some female clients, who had symptoms that are often seen when the thyroid is not functioning properly. Hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid) is quite common. It affects 1 in 70 women and 1 in 1,000 men according to the NHS.

The thyroid cannot make enough hormones if there is not enough iodine. Sea vegetables such as seaweed and samphire are a great source of iodine.

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