Endometriosis Nutrition & Lifestyle Package


Having suffered from endometriosis myself since my teenage years, and having gone through years of blood, pain and tears, which involved infertility, fertility treatments, miscarriages and eventually a full hysterectomy including Fallopian tubes and ovaries, I feel very strongly about supporting other women with similar problems.

We are not entirely sure how much nutrition and lifestyle changes can affect endometriosis, but many patients have reported significant improvements in their symptoms. It is not totally clear how these changes help, but some mechanisms have been suggested, and those are the mechanisms I focus on (see below), by removing foods that negatively affect your health and introducing foods that are beneficial for specific pathways.

Pelvic pain is complex and can be caused by multiple problems. Some of these problems coexist (for example Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Endometriosis). Dietary changes have proven effects on many of these coexisting conditions.

I work closely with a well-known endometriosis specialist in Surrey.

What areas could be addressed with a nutrition and lifestyle protocol?

  • dealing with nutrient deficiencies

  • optimising the detoxification system (liver, kidneys and gut)

  • reducing inflammation and pain

  • boosting the immune system

  • reducing exposure to toxins

  • inhibiting aromatase to control excess oestrogen

  • weight management

  • stress management

  • sleep hygiene

  • physical exercise


For a free 15-minute introductory phone or Zoom call, to see if we could work together, please contact me on +44 7974429043 or email me at monique@nutritionforyou.co.uk