Learning as a teenager life skills to take responsibility for her own health

I was recommended to see Monique, to help my teenage daughter (H) with her asthma and eczema. 
H's asthma was triggering more regularly, to the point of becoming a real concern, along with her acne and eczema making her feel self conscious.  We did of course follow our GPs advice but I wondered how I could help H (and H help herself!) by looking at the bigger picture. 

Monique had a fantastically calm manner in talking with H and educating her in a gentle manner with suggestions about her diet.  H's diet was good, but did have quite a lot of dairy in it.  She learnt how she could adapt it for a month to give it a go and see how it was.  Amazingly, within about 2 weeks there was a noticeable difference, which gave her the confidence to reduce all her inhaler reliance gradually to zero.  She hasn't had an asthma attack or wheezing since!  That was Dec '19. 

H has enthusiastically cooked and baked without dairy products and is learning as a teenager life skills to take responsibility for her own health.  Monique was a super resource to inspire her and give her that guidance and support as an expert in her field to make these changes. Many thanks Monique.

SF, Surrey