Why should I want to take supplements?

Firstly, supplements should not be taken as a food substitute. They would never be able to replace all the nutrition and advantages of whole foods. However, scientific research has shown that certain supplements are beneficial for overall health and for managing certain health conditions.   However, supplements can be taken too much as well as too little and not all supplements that are called the same are in reality equal.  I will not only recommend what supplements to take, but also suggest a number of suppliers to purchase these from.

The food we’re eating nowadays has fewer nutrients than before due to the depletion of the soil (i.e growing the same crop over and over again). Also, a lot of produce is being imported from overseas and has to make a long journey before it is on our table. Think of that juicy mango from the Philippines or the blueberries from Peru. Our cooking habits can also affect the nutrient status of the food, i.e. overcooking vegetables will deplete the nutrients.

The environment we live in nowadays, with all its stress, means that we need a lot of nutrients to keep our body healthy. Even with optimum nutrition this is a hard task to fill and supplements can be helpful here.




“In a perfect world, no one would need supplements. But given the stress of our modern life, the poor quality of our food supply, and the high load of toxins on our brains and bodies, most of us need a basic daily supply of the raw materials for all our enzymes and biochemistry to run as designed”

Mark Hyman MD