Very professional and keen to address my nutritional needs

I sought advice from Monique regarding nutrition and diet because my body felt like it was shouting at me.  I was experiencing painful monthly cycles and I wasn't sleeping well.  I am also quite sporty and practice yoga regularly along with running.  I was a few weeks away from a half marathon when I first saw Monique.

I found her to be very professional, kind, understanding and keen to address my nutritional needs along with suggesting a diet that would boost my energy and supplements that I needed to compliment the diet.  I followed Monique's suggestions which were tailor made for me and I have to say after a couple of weeks I felt much better, had more energy and what I noticed most was I was sleeping better and my monthly cycles were far less problematic.  I have endeavored to follow her core advice with regards to unprocessed foods and maintaining awareness of the foods I put in my body.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Monique.

Jennifer, West Byfleet, Surrey